HousingXL, HXL Nederland B.V Registration Terms for Lessees.

  1. These registration terms apply to all HXL Nederland B.V. and www.housingxl.nl registrations, hereinafter to be referred to as: 'HousingXL'.
  2. Prospective lessee is taken to mean anyone who registers on the HousingXL website, or responds to accommodation for which HousingXL acts as an intermediary on behalf of an owner/lessor.
  3. Accommodation is taken to mean all accommodation included on HousingXL’s files to be leased or offered for lease through or on behalf of fellow brokers.
  4. The available accommodation is offered by HousingXL on behalf of lessor.
  5. By registering, prospective lessee does not instruct HousingXL as an intermediary. HousingXL only acts as an intermediary on behalf of the accommodation lessors. Being registered as a house hunter with HousingXL is no guarantee for or does not grant a right to finding (suitable) accommodation.
  6. After completing the registration, the prospective lessee will receive electronically by email a list of accommodation on offer, matching his or her search criteria.
  7. Registration forms that have not been completed in full will not be processed. Registrations can be refused or removed at all times, without stating reasons.
  8. The registration will be considered as lapsed 12 months after the registration date. Prospective lessee may then re-register.
  9. Viewing accommodation by the prospective lessee is always free of obligation and free of charge.
  10. By signing or electronically dispatching this registration, the prospective lessee also authorises HousingXL to perform a risk and credit check relating to the prospective lessee’s payment history. No costs are attached to this risk analysis for the prospective lessee. Prospective lessee is aware that the results of the risk analysis may be reason for lessor to not allocate the property, or to set further conditions.
  11. The prospective lessee’s gross monthly income must meet the income requirement. HousingXL shall be entitled to request prospective lessee’s current income details at all times.
  12. Other income calculations and/or additional terms are applicable for self-employed persons. These are determined for each individual case. Self-employed persons must at least present a recent extract from the trade register at the chamber of commerce and an auditor’s report for the past 2 years certified by an approved accountant. Upon entering into a lease, a prospective lessee in salaried employment owes a minimum of 1 month’s rent as a deposit. For self-employed persons, the deposit is at least 1 month’s rent. The requested deposit may vary depending on the documents submitted.
  13. If, after viewing, a prospective lessee indicates to want to rent the accommodation, a declaration of intent to lease will be signed.
  14. By signing the declaration of intent, the prospective lessee undertakes to lease the accommodation, unless the lessor decides not to offer the prospective lessee a lease contract, irrespective of the reason. HousingXL accepts no liability for the owner’s/lessor’s choice.
  15. Prior to hand-over of the leased property, the prospective lessee must have paid the first lease invoice. In addition, the lease contract must have been signed.
  16. Prospective lessee has the possibility to ask the HousingXL agent for special tenant services, be aware that HousingXL or its local branch can ask you cost for the services they provide especially for you as a tenant. 
  17. Registered prospective lessees will be approached first in the event of notices of termination.
  18. If prospective lessee should qualify for accommodation for which a permit is required, obtaining this permit shall be at the prospective lessee’s expense and risk. Prospective lessee is to enquire himself of herself with the municipality concerned regarding residence permit policy.
  19. Any information provided by the prospective lessee will be included in a register of persons and will be treated as strictly confidential. HousingXL will ensure that collection of prospective lessee’s personal details will meet the Personal Data Protection Act. The personal details will only be provided to lessors who have made accommodation available and/or who have instructed HousingXL to act as intermediary or in the event that HousingXL has been obliged by law to do so or after explicit permission has been given for the once-only provision of personal details. HousingXL collects and processes prospective lessee’s details for its business operations, in order to bring products and services that might be of interest to prospective lessees to their attention and make them available. The information provided by prospective lessee will be used to get in touch with prospective lessee if necessary, for example to inform them about changes to website functionality or to offer prospective lessee services.
  20. All notifications, promises and agreements offered by HousingXL and its employees shall be considered to have been communicated and made subject to approval by the lessor and/or owner of the accommodation at all times. HousingXL cannot, partly due to its dependency on third parties for acquiring information, guarantee the accuracy, completeness and up-to-date nature of the information provided by HousingXL.
  21. HousingXL is not liable for any consequences if lessor, after the formation of a lease, should not meet his obligations. Prospective lessee shall indemnify HousingXL against any damage claims from the owner/lessor and/or third parties in any form whatsoever.
  22. HousingXL shall not be liable for any consequences of a too high initial rentalprice and or of inaccuracies, incompleteness, nullity or voidableness in the lease contract that are the result of incorrect information provided by the lessor to HousingXL. There are legal rules for setting rents for a so-called (social) living accomodation, the rentcommission is the authorised instance.
  23. Any disputes between prospective lessee/lessee and HousingXL shall be governed by Dutch law.


(version December 2016, terms lessees)