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Venloverwelkomt, venloverrast. It's the slogan the city of Venlo uses to describe what the city is all about. It basically means Venlo welcomes you and Venlo surprises you. There's definitely more to the city than you would think. It offers great nature, great culture and great recreational activities. Venlo offers its inhabitants and visitors a surprisingly handful of living and working opportunities.


Venlo is the largest commune in all of Noord-Limburg and inhabits more than 100.000 people who all live in the city of the same name or the nearby villages. Besides Dutch, the people also talk in their characteristic Venlo dialect. The town centre is the shopping centre for the local area as well as for the nearby German Ruhr-area. The city has a town centre in which a lot has happened during the Second World War. Although the centre has suffered quite a lot of damages, it still remains a lot of its monuments, like the beautiful town hall, built in the 16th century, or the Sint-Martinus Church.


For those who are interested in learning more about the history and culture of Venlo, can visit the ‘Limburgs Museum', in which the history, traditions and trends from the entire province of Limburg can be experienced. There is also a museum for modern plastic arts, called ‘Museum van Bommel van Dam'.


Venlo has also started working on several new projects, like the ‘Maasboulevard', which opened its doors in 2010. The Maasboulevard is a recreational area with lots of (designer)shops, cozy diners and even a park. Also, Theatre ‘de Maaspoort' will expand its space by connecting to the Maasboulevard.


When it comes to events, the city is on top of their game. In 2012 Venlo holds one of our country's biggest events, called the ‘Floriade'. It's a horticultural event which is held once in every ten years in a specific city somewhere in Holland. Before the city is chosen a strict selection will be held amongst candidates.


Experiencing the culture and nature is a big part of the recreational activities within Venlo. One of the most well known cultural aspects for example is ‘Carnaval'. During this celebration people dress up in all kinds of costumes, go out and enjoy each other's company. Another interesting cultural aspect to experience could be a tour to the brewery of Hertog Jan in the city of Arcen. Also, experience nature by hiking or biking throughout the Maasduinen, go on a water cruise with the Maashopper or go shopping in the town centre. Another big cultural element is the city's soccer team, VVV-Venlo, which is part of the premier league.


The local authorities want the City of Venlo to be accessible for both cars and bikes and they strive for well structured public transport facilities. That's why they built lots of parking lots within and around the city with extra safety measurements, like video cameras. The city's Central Station is within a few minutes of walking from the town centre. Busses and trains transport people to various destinations, like Roermond or Nijmegen.


Venlo is well known as commercial and industrial city with an international character, because of its tourists and international activities. Venlo has by far the most industrial areas and business areas in the entire province of Limburg. The city also placed itself in the top 5 of most business friendly microcities(max. 250.000 inhabitants). The focus is mainly on the dazzling town centre, the prosper tourist section and the energetic business and industrial areas. Venlo is leader in the Agro & Food section, the logistic section and the manufacturing section. Sustainability is a big part of the work ethic.


There is also a wide range of educational programs for both younger students and college students. It ranges in different levels and regular or special needs education. College students can study at the ‘Fontys Hogeschool'(HBO), where the common language is mostly English (because of the large amount of international students) or at ‘Gilde Opleidingen'(MBO). Gilde Opleidingen offers more than 160 professional educational programs and has a success rate of 73,5%.


For those who are interested in living in an energetic and active area, Venlo would be a great option. Venlo doesn't only welcome you, it will definitely surprise you!




Roermond, that's all you need. A clear statement from the city itself. And seeing what Roermond has to offer to its inhabitants and visitors, it is nothing but the truth. The city inhabits more than 56.000 people and attracts a lot more from other cities in Holland and across borders every year. Roermond is a central spot in the Euregion Rijn-Maas-Noord, which means there is a solid connection with Germany and Belgium, both less than 15 km away from Roermond. What makes this city a great place to live? It's because of its culture, its nature, its social services and the way people interact with each other.


Roermond has a rich history, which started during the Roman Empire. These days, the history of the city can still be measured by its monumental buildings, like the 1700's town hall in the middle of the center market or the Munsterchurch, built in the 13th century, in the middle of the Munstersquare.


People who are interested in the history and culture of Roermond can visit the Stedelijk Museum(Municipal Museum), consisting out of two parts. The ‘Cuypershuis' shows people the life and work of Pierre Cuypers, a famous architect from Roermond. In the ‘Historiemuseum'(History Museum) you can learn about Roermond and its rich history. Besides these two museums, there is also a park called ‘Kruiswegpark'. It's not just a park, but can also be seen as an outdoor museum; during your walk you will cross various statues and paintings.


The town centre of Roermond has been named the Best town centre in Holland, because of its versatility and allure. Its combines a lot of different shops with a pleasant surrounding and a unique position at the water front. Besides the regular shops, there is also a large and elaborate Designer Outlet. It is within reach from Roermond Central Station and the town centre. It's also easily accessible by car and offers a giant amount of parking spaces.


Roermond offers its inhabitants and visitor a broad perspective of recreational activities. Enjoy the surroundings in one of the pleasant diners, restaurants and terraces in the town centre. Let loose in one the bars or go clubbing in Club Soho, which are all easily accessible by car and train. Experience one of the most appreciated festivals in Holland, Solar Festival, which is held one time a year during the summer period. Visit one of the cinemas in the town centre or buy tickets for some of the most amazing shows in the beautiful Oranjerie Theatre. For people who like to sport there is also enough to do. Roermond offers various sport facilities throughout the city. Swimming pools, gyms, sports grounds and so on.


All of this is powered by the accessibility of the city. The local authorities made sure there are enough parking spaces around the town centre. There are also various parking spaces for bicycles which are guarded by security guards. Roermond offers great public transport facilities. The Central Station of Roermond is right across the town centre where trains and busses bring you to a lot of different places. The local authorities offers inhabitants and visitors a free of charge shopping bus, that brings people to special shopping area's in Roermond, like the Retailpark or the Designer Outlet.


Roermond is also the place to be for job and career opportunities. Besides establishments and offices from well known companies built around the city, Roermond offers a broad opportunity of work spaces, because of its six industrial areas and business areas, where various companies are settled.


There is also a wide range of educational programs for both younger students and college students. It ranges in different levels and regular or special needs education. College students can study at the Fontys Hogeschool PABO(for people who would like to become elementary teachers) or at Gilde Opleidingen. Gilde Opleidingen offers more than 160 professional educational programs and has a success rate of 73,5%.


All of these aspects make Roermond a safe, pleasant and convenient city to live in where new inhabitants are more than welcome!




Green, rural and a great focus on its inhabitants. This is what the community of Echt-Susteren is all about. Echt-Susteren is a community, which originates from the two former independent communities Echt and Susteren. It has a central position in Midden-Limburg and finds itself in an Euregion area, because it's borders on both Germany and Belgium. What makes Echt-Susteren a great place to live, to work and to recreate, is the fact that the local authorities are concerned with maintaining the green and rural character of the community. Also, they make sure there are more than enough facilities in the educational, employment and housing sections.


The community of Echt-Susteren inhabits more than 32.000 people, who are all divided over the ten official living areas. These ten living areas exist out of the various towns and villages, which all together form the entire community of Echt-Susteren. The heart of this community is definitely the town centre of Echt. Here you will find a complete choice of shops and stores, pleasant restaurants en great places to hang out. There is a large amount of pubs, bars and cafés. The city centre even houses two clubs. Everything is easily accessible by car and public transport.


Other recreational activities the community has to offer, are a beautiful cinema, a wide range of sport facilities, indoor and outdoor survival activities and a well known indoor go-kart track, owned by ex-formule 1 participant Jos Verstappen. For those who prefer to experience the culture and nature there is also enough to do. Echt-Susteren is proud owner of several monumental churches, castles and farmhouses. Echt-Susteren is surrounded by wide ranged nature where you can hike, bike and even picnic. The community holds a brand new museum: M/V Museum van de vrouw. This museum offers you a glimpse on the history of the women from Limburg, starting around circa 1850.


The Central Station of Echt is within short distance of the town centre and brings people to places in directions like Roermond and Sittard-Geleen. Because Echt has a central position in Midden-Limburg it is really easy for those who work and study to take to train to bigger cities like Roermond, Sittard, Maastricht and Heerlen. Echt is also easy accessible by car.


Echt-Susteren itself is also the place to be for job and career opportunities. Besides establishments and offices from well known companies built around the city, Echt offers a broad opportunity of work spaces, because of its four business areas, from which two are located in Echt and two are located in Susteren.


Besides housing and employment facilities, the local authorities also make sure there are enough educational and healthcare facilities. For example, they are building a medical centre in Susteren, in which they want to house doctors, pharmacists, dentists and more. The local authorities also offer a wide range of educational facilities for toddlers, children and students. Echt-Susteren has various day care centre's, middle schools(regular or special needs education) and one enormous high school in which children can be taught on various levels(VMBO, HAVO, VWO).


Echt-Susteren: a community which offers a complete package of facilities within very pleasant surroundings. Of course you would want to live there!


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