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Groningen / Groningen Province
Nothing beats Groningen, the slogan of Groningen. With this slogan, Groningen put on the map and has drawn many tourists.

Groningen has over 190,000 inhabitants and is known by the students and nightlife.
Groningen is divided into districts, including Downtown, Painting and Zeeheldenbuurt, Orange district, Korreweg District, Oosterpark district, Helpman, Vinkhuizen, Paddepoel, Informed, Bloemenbuurt, The Hero, Lewenborg the Wijert, Rivers and many others.

Groningen is a university town with 50,000 students. University of Groningen and Hanze Hogeschool are pleasant schools for students from Groningen and the Netherlands.
Notable companies include Gasunie in Groningen, Hooghoudt, University Medical Center, Niemeijer tobacco. Also, the Groninger Museum, a crowd puller.

The nightlife in Groningen played out mainly in the many cafés around the Market, Fish Market, Pool Street, Pepper Street and Crooked Elbow, thinking of Soestdijk Pintelier, Wolthoorn the stove. Maas is known for the house back to the eighties parties.

But also FC Groningen and Gasterra Flames. So football and basketball is also well represented.

Marini Plaza is a large theater where the larger theater productions are presented. For grants, this is a suitable location such as the Company Contact Days held each year in November.
Every year there is an open-air festival, the Noorderzon, what many audiences, 10 days long.
The Hospitality creates the greatest employment in Groningen, cafes and entertainment venues were owned by Sjoerd Kooistra, a striking figure in the hospitality industry.

Near Groningen, about 10 km, is the airport Eelde. Zeehondencreche Pieterburen is approximately 30 minutes from Groningen.

Each year the marathon four miles of Groningen organized. Groningen also has an indoor skating, Kardinge.
Newspaper of the North takes 6 days a week from a regional newspaper, RTV Noord you through the evening news to follow in the province of Groningen.
Groningen are known: Jacques d'Ascona, Kim Feenstra, Egbert Jan Weeber, Marianne Timmer, Imca Marina, Bert Visscher, Lenie 't Hart Arjan Robben.


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