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Breda was started by Rick van Lieshout and Daniëlle van Lieshout-Kuypers, both living in Breda and both the ambition to contribute to the housing of this beautiful city. HousingXL Breda focuses on connecting tenants and the homes of Breda. HousingXL Breda intercedes for landlords in the region who want to rent as well as for homeseekers including students and expats. HousingXL Breda is renting rooms, apartments and houses. To find an optimal match between landlord and tenant, you are with HousingXL Breda at the right place! With a friendly, customer-oriented and knowledge HousingXL Breda makes the difference.




Breda, garrison city, acquired its town charter in 1252. In order to defend the village, the city is walled at the beginning of the 14th century. Around the city are the canals. At strategic points are wooden watchtowers. Influenced by the Dutch Jan van Polanen, Breda turned into a small medieval town. Can you imagine? Wooden houses. Hostels. Crowded. Narrow streets and partly unpaved paths. Without sewers. You will hear the beat of the coppersmiths. The tinkers. The shoemakers. You walk along cloth weavers, basket makers and other craftsmen. On Tuesday morning (just like now) you can visit the weekly market. That is since 1321 to the present day.

Breda roughly consists of 22 districts/parts from Bavel to Downtown to Princenhage and Ginneken / Mastbos. Each district/part has its own identity, appearance and comfort. Do you want to live downtown you will live in the dynamics of Breda, on the other hand if you want to live in Ginneken/Mastbos you will enjoy a child-friendly and serene environment with lots of greenery.


Size and location


Over the years a lot has changed, Breda has evolved. Breda’s Church is one of the ten largest municipalities in the Netherlands and counted in 2012 176.553 inhabitants. Breda is located in the west of the province of North Brabant, surrounded by cities of Tilburg, Roosendaal and Rotterdam. Because of it has good connections, Breda is easily accessible. Breda is surrounded by the A59, A27, A16 and A58 motorways. Antwerp can be reached within 30 minutes and in a little bit more than one hour you are in Amsterdam. Breda is also well connected by rail. Developments for the new railway station are in full swing. Breda is connected to the night network and has a direct (Fyra) to Amsterdam.


Culture, Sport en Tourism


Both for residents and visitors of Breda there is a lot to do. Your spare time, you can fill in many ways: culinary (Culinary Breda), cultural (Royal Military Academy/Jazz Festival/Breda Live), sports (Singelloop/NAC), tourism (‘Grote kerk') or recreational. Make a cultural trip to the Chassé theatre, or enjoy a sporty night at NAC. Culture, sports, shopping, stay or an event ... you name it!


Learn en Study


Breda, declared education city from 2012 to 2013. The city of Breda demonstrably committed to teaching excellence at all levels, with a wide range of educational institutions from preschool education to higher education, from primary school to HBO +. For higher education, you can go to one of the best schools in the Netherlands, NHTV and Avans University. With the HBO institutions NHTV and Avans and the Dutch Defence Academy KMA Breda has a very broad education.                                                                                                                                                        


Downtown Breda


The city of Breda is ranging from housing to shopping steps until the early hours, it's all possible. The town is under continuous development and consists of several "markets", the Grand Place, Oats Market and Fisherman Market.                                                                                                                                                               

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