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Rent on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug

There is a lot to discover in this park-like surrounding. Here you can hire urban as well as rural. The heart of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug is located on the East side, which is characterized by the forests and the heaths. While walking or cycling through this area you will feel a natural relief. The small scale landscape in the South called the Gelderse Vallei is recognizable by its wide fields, farmyards, hedges and woods. Variably and permanently green. Going North the landscape changes slowly in a polder area with many views. It's a popular resting place for birds and wildlife in the winter. Also in the cities, such as Amersfoort, Leusden, Zeist, Houten, Baarn, De Bilt, Soestdijk, Rhenen and Leersum there is a lot of nature. Broad avenues with on either side trees , which have beautiful and different colours every season. And lastly there is a lot of room for green playing fields in these green dominated places.


Care, welfare and education

In this region various care settings are located. Hospitals are therefore easy to reach from any residential location on the Heuvelrug. In addition, you will find a well-organized elderly infrastructure, special housing units for disabled people etcetera. An overview of organizations in the care and health care institutions can be found on the various websites of the communities. Furthermore many welfare organizations are to be found there, such as sports associations, housing corporations, residents groups, churches and all kinds of organizations that contribute to the well-being of residents.

In the whole of the region you can find schools; primary education, secondary education universities (Uithof) and international schools.


Than safety

In the recent years the government has worked hard to ensure the safety on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. This worked out successfully, the crime rate fell while the population increased greatly. The priorities of the various communities are to keep those positive results in the future and also to strengthen safety. The communities focus mostly on these problems: pollution and degradation, common crime (such as vandalism, bicycle theft and car burglaries) and house burglaries. Organized crimes.


Business, stores and jobs

The area offers a strong economy that is needed for the companies and also for the well-being of people who live here. The communities have a region where people live pleasantly, work together, where people do business satisfyingly and the environment is respected. Various places such as Zeist and Amersfoort have a unique shop offer.


Tourism and leisure

What to do in this region? Of course there are many forms of recreation. Actually too many to mention, but we will mention a few: various zoos (Rhenen and Amersfoort), indoor playgrounds, recreation parks, endless bicycle routes, city walks, public swimming pools, indoor and outdoor ski resorts, theatres, museums with different topics, tours through old cities, castles and hiking areas. As mentioned before too much to mention and an amazing region to live.


Work and accessibility

The Utrechtse Heuvelrug is centrally located in the country. From here it is easy to travel to every part of the country. Schiphol is easy to reach by train and car. The accessibility is excellent., because there is a great network. Multiple roads like the A28, A2, A27, A12 are in the vicinity and of course you can also use the well organized public transport.


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