Brokerage conditions HousingXL

In these conditions, the following words shall have the following meanings:


1. Client: Any natural person or legal entity that has issued HOUSINGXL with an order to mediate in the search for living or business space.


Article 2: Realisation of the agreement


2.1 The mediating agreement shall be realised by the registration and acceptation of these brokerage conditions -> registration.


2.2 Previous to realising an agreement, the client shall be obligated to submit valid identification and income documents to HOUSINGXL


2.3 All offers, either written or verbal, proffered by HOUSINGXL for living space and/or business space shall be made without any obligation. The client can derive no rights from them.


2.4 If the client becomes eligible for living space which requires a residential permit, obtaining the permit shall be at the client's own expense and risk.


Article 3: Registration


3.1 The registration at HOUSINGXL is for free.


3.2 The registration is valid for one year.


3.4 All expenses incurred by HOUSINGXL that involve the implementation of its assignment shall be born by HOUSINGXL


Article 4: Activities


4.1 The commencement of activities by HOUSINGXL shall take place after the registration on


4.2 The activities to be performed by HOUSINGXL shall include providing viewings and providing advice in the field of rental and leasing.


Article 5: Payment


5.1 In the event that the mediation by HOUSINGXL results in a rental agreement for the client (down payment will be made by client), the client shall be charged, no later than one day after accepting the living space, by HOUSINGXL with brokerage fees that shall have to be paid to HOUSINGXL before the rental starting date (hand over keys):


5.1.1. FEE for living space: 1 month's rent (the gross amount to be paid to the lessor each month), excluding 21% VAT.


5.2 In the event that the mediation by HOUSINGXL results in a purchase agreement for the client, the client shall be charged a commission in wich the general conditions of HOUSINGXL shall be employed.


5.3 The amounts stated in paragraphs 5.1.1 of this article shall be owed to HOUSINGXL only once and shall have to be paid in to HOUSINGXL upon the signing of the rental agreement and/or purchase agreement and no later than the rental starting date (hand over the keys) After acceptance of the living space, client has to make a down payment.


5.4 In case of non-payment, the debtor shall have to pay any possible legal or extrajudicial costs.


5.5 You cannot move into the living space until after you have paid HOUSINGXL its brokerage fee.


Article 6: Liability


6.1 Once the contract has been signed, HOUSINGXL shall not be responsible for the way in which a lessor observes his obligations as a lessor. The client should always direct himself to the lessor.


These conditions were filed at the Chamber of Commerce.